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Meet my crew

So, I feel like I need to give myself some type of credibility.  I mean… after all….  anyone can hide behind a computer screen and SAY they are a hot, 22 year old guy….  and in reality they are an unemployed, overweight, living with his mommy, 45 year old sociopath.  OK, maybe a little extreme…. but I should explain that I speak 2 languages fluently:  English and sarcasm.  I dabble a little in Spanish, but don’t talk too fast or use words I have yet to learn, or you have lost me.

For all intents and purposes, I am a brat… of the military type… who grew up to be a policewoman.  I am a Sergeant, currently, with a Bachelor’s Degree from West Virginia University in Social Psychology, and a Master’s Degree from Weber State University in Criminal Justice.  (Is there REALLY any justice?)  Another story for another time….

I am a mother of 6 human babies, 5 permanent fur babies (and some random foster rescue dogs, on occasion) as well as some bunnies, a gecko, etc.  Basically, I am a hoarder.  My kids range in age from 11-25, currently and expecting my first grandchild in June.  I have 5 daughters and one son.  I have a 25 year old, 24 year old twins, my one son is 22, a 14 year old, and an 11 year old.  Here we are with my brother and his kids, and my oldest daughter (on left) is married and that is her charming husband next to her.


And now for my fur babies:  Kyah is the youngest, a Rhodesian Ridgeback (and not my first ridgeback.)  She is 5 months old….

Kyah and me 4 months

Then there are the Yorkies.  Nina just had a little of 5 puppies, and nearly died from it.  A few days before she was due, she started having seizures.  Her body was shutting down from trying to keep up with all those babies.  Due to the wonderful care of Dr Gavin at South Mountain Pet Care in Draper, UT, momma and babies all made it and are happy and healthy.  No wonder she has gray hair.  She is 2 year old.


Then there is the daddy puppy, Dante Junior, or DJ.  He has “Little Dog Syndrome” and thinks he is 50 feet tall.  He is a sweetheart who is OBSESSED with his little ball, the hole e roller.  (Seen here waiting for me to throw said ball.)


Then there is Penny…. aka Penny Pooper.  I know you are thinking, “surely she has a better picture of her?”  No, I do not.  She is nearly ALWAYS buried under my covers, too lazy to come out and bark when the doorbell rings, so she just stands up under the covers with her ferocious nosies.  This was just a rare moment….


And last, but not least, is Toby.  He is supposed to be white, but rarely has his photo taken because EVERY SINGLE TIME I give him a bath, he runs right out and rolls in the dirt.  He comes back a dusty, dingy brown.


And there you have it…. my own personal product testers.  🙂  They are in for a treat, because I am going to be playing mad scientist soon and making them some stuff they will get to try out… like shampoo!  Ba ha ha ha ha……

I should not fail to mention our current foster rescue dog, Bentley.  I have had foster dogs in the past, some of them for months.  I don’t think that I have ever gotten this attached to one of them before.  He is so sweet.  Our best guess is that he is a RR and Boxer mix, and he is 4 years old.  He is a sweetheart.  I am driving him to Vegas on Saturday, if the vet gives him the OK.  He is going from there the Phoenix.  I am jealous.  🙂


I finished a hemp leash last night, and then I realized that I don’t have the proper size of slides to make the collars.  I will order those today and post pics after I get a chance to take some.  I have some cool new collars finished.  I will post pics after the weekend.  (I know…. you are biting your nails in suspense.)  LOL…. have a great weekend!!

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