Coconut is friends with fish oil

Last week, we talked about Coconut Oil.  If I didn’t convince you enough, try reading these links:  35 Reasons to give your pet Coconut Oil 

Well, I have heard “my dogs don’t need coconut oil, I give them fish oil.”  Well guess what?  So do I!  The reason being:  the coconut oil helps give the Omega-3 Fatty Acids a boost!  It helps raise the concentrations in the brain, and overall helps increase the use of the omega-3 fatty acids.  So go ahead, and give them both!

Now that I am done with the nutritional part of my blog, I will give you some AWESOME references.  First, I LOVE the magazine Dogs Naturally.  If you don’t want to read a magazine, no problem!!  Check out Facebook page Planet Paws

You can also follow Rodney Habib, a pet nutritionist at

It is packed full of wonderful information.  This weekend, we have a local dog show going on, and I am driving the wonderful foster dog, Bentley, to Las Vegas to meet his new family.  I am making some essential oil kits for some dogs… and I will be posting those “potions” shortly, and having them available for purchase in my store soon!

You can go there at any time to see what things I have come up with in all my “spare time.”  LOL

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