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Coming up: Doggie Shampoo Bars and rinses!!!

My daughter’s dog has some severe itching from an allergy to dust mites.  The poor dog is miserable and will even drag her body across the yards to try to “scratch” it on the grass.  She has been tested and tested, switched diets, and re-tested.  She is allergic to DUST MITES?  Don’t bring her to my house…. they are taking over!

I did some research on some natural products, because I surely don’t want to use anything that would irritate her skin.  My daughter has tried essential oils, and it made her skin break out (and yes, they were diluted.)  So, I made up a soap recipe using the mildest of ingredients (olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil) and added some soothing ground oatmeal, clay, and a few moisturizing agents (shea butter and vitamin E.)

While doing research, I came across what seems to be a “wonder staple.”  Sea Buckthorn Oil.  I was reading customer reviews on this item, sold in the grocery section of  People who have used it swear that it whitens teeth and gets rid of plaque.  A few people who suffer from eczema said that after spending 100s of $$ on dermatologist visits, and 1000s on prescriptions that didn’t work, this was a miracle cure for them and they can’t go a day without it.  Other wonderful properties associated with it is that it reduces the signs of aging and is great for healing skin tissue.

Well, I MUST have some of this to try out for myself.  I have ordered some and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival.  I am going to use it to make a rinse. The downside, because OF COURSE there has to be ONE thing wrong with it…. is that if you have a white dog, you won’t want to use it before taking the dog out for a photo shoot.  It is red in color and gives a temporary stain to their fur.  However, I did find a Buckthorn Extract that is clear, so I am looking into this further to see if it is the same thing?  I want to use only natural ingredients without a lot of preservatives that are not natural.  That would defeat the purpose.

I, of course, will be trying these out on myself, as well as my fur babies (even the one with white fur, so I will post pics.)  The white dog doesn’t go out much, so if he turns pink it will just be funny for a couple of days.  He has a great sense of humor, so he won’t care.  I will post pics after the weekend, since my rinse doesn’t have to sit for 6 weeks before we can use it.  ( I have already made the shampoo bars, but they have to sit for 6 weeks before use to allow the soap to saponify.)

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