Let’s talk turmeric

Much like coconut oil has been a recent craze, so now is Turmeric.  Turmeric is a new, healthy alternative “cure all” to many ailments including many cancers, arthritis, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disease, sarcoids, liver ailments and Alzheimer’s. Turmeric is very useful in reducing inflammation particularly for animals (or people) with arthritis and itchy skin. It has even been known to turn grey hair back to the original color, though one lady said she was on it for 2 years before it finally went back to the original color.  (NOTE:  It is NOT compatible with some forms of Chemo nor ANY radiation treatments.)

Turmeric golden paste

Turmeric contains curcuminoids that provide the main benefit needed.   They are powerful antioxidants and they have the ability to neutralize free radicals before they damage healthy cells and cell membranes; and they don’t cause adverse reactions.

In my search for looking for information, I have found a few that I thought were worthy of being passed along to any newcomers who might be interested in the same information.  This will save you a little time, at least.  🙂

My FAVORITE source for information regarding Turmeric is the Facebook group called “Turmeric Users Group.”  There is a “files” section with all the information a person could ask for, both for pets and humans.   My favorite part is the testimonials and photos that the other users share.  The following is a direct quote from  Doug English, who is a senior veterinarian at Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital, Cairns, Australia.

“I have been recommending turmeric for several years both for my animal patients, and my main purpose for starting this group was to collate anecdotal information to share.

I have seen very positive results in my patients for allergic dermatitis, atopy, Queensland Itch (Sweet Itch) in horses, arthritis in both dogs and horses, irritant bowel disease in humans, dogs and horses, increased athletic ability in myself and racehorses (turmeric is classified as a food and does not swab under the rules of racing and competition horses in Australia and NZ), and general health overall.”

The best, and most effective means, of getting Turmeric to your pets is to make “Golden Paste” and is often referred to as “GP.”  It is made by using powered ORGANIC turmeric.  “To greatly increase the metabolic effect (the absorption of turmeric into the body is a limiting factor) ADD A DASH OF FRESHLY GROUND PEPPER (pepper and turmeric also do not swab for racing and showing in Australia) and SOME OIL – WE RECOMMEND COCONUT OIL”

The Turmeric Users Group provides the “recipe” for the Golden Paste, which is kept refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.  And for the next best resource I have found is the website

This website has a GREAT article on the fresh Golden Paste versus the pill form you can find at local stores, such as Costco!  It is a must read!  The pills are NOT recommended for animals.  This website explains why the pills are not recommended for animals, nor humans for an extended period of time because it can lead to liver damage!

PLEASE, if you have an older animal suffering from arthritis or joint pain, try this!!  The users who have used it have reported AMAZING results!

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