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Where have I been?

Well, I have no excuse, but lots of reasons!  To start with, Nina, my once 4 pound Yorkie, started having seizures last year when she was pregnant with a litter of 5 puppies.  If I had been a more responsible breeder, and thank heavens I know better NOW, I would have done some bloodwork BEFORE breeding her.  She has a problem with her liver, and I am very lucky that having the puppies did not kill her.

After Nina’s puppies were born, her seizures continued.  I got her spayed, and they still continued.  The seizures would happen every few months, and would last a few minutes.  She would wake up disoriented and then would figure out where she was.  I could usually tell when the seizures were going to happen.  She could become very clingy a day or 2 before they happened.  One day, she had 2 seizures within a few hours.  So, we went to see a specialist.

I can’t believe the amount of time we have spent at the vets’ offices, getting bloodwork done, and running around picking up prescriptions.  Bless her little heart.  She is gaining weight, a side effect of the medication.  In the meantime, our 10 year old Maltese decided to jump off the bed and break his leg.  A surgery and a cast later…..  geez.  Life happens….  so I have been “off the grid.”  However, I have made a LOT more cool collars, and I have kept up on my essential oil research.  I will be sharing and posting those soon.  I am still trying to decide how to categorize the blogs…..  and also trying out some new things.  I have been feeding my Ridgeback raw, then I stopped, and I am about to go back to that….  such a woman…. always changing my mind.

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