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My CRAZY dog…loves lure coursing!

Yeah…  my dog is CRAY-ZAY.  I love it.  She is quirky, and hyper, and fun.  She has her moments, but for the most part she is a crazy, fun-loving ball of fur.  On stilts.  She has some LONG legs.  So how do you deal with such a dog?  Well, I don’t have the tell all answer to that, but THIS is what I do….

FIRST, let me say that I currently live in Utah.  The weather conditions are not usually ideal.  In the winter, you freeze your face off if you go outside.  It is currently summer….  and right now it is currently around 97 degrees.  The pavement is too hot and it WILL burn your poor fur baby’s feet (paws.)  DO NOT take your dog on a walk when it is hot outside UNTIL you test the walking surface.  I use my own bare foot.  If I can’t stand on it for at least 5 seconds, we aren’t walking on it.  Or use the back of your hand.  If you can’t hold it on there for at least 5 seconds, don’t take them out on it.  OK….  back on topic.

I found some local activities to take her to.  Plain and simple….  first off there are some shaded dog trails with water (my dog HATES the water) where we can go and she can walk off leash.  This is great bonding time for us, and gets us BOTH some much needed exercise. I go later in the evening when it is cooling off, or earlier in the morning.  I also have been getting up early in the morning to go for a quick jog.  Yep, she can get up and come with me.

I also found an agility class for her to attend.  She likes it, and it is just once a week so I threw that into my already crazy schedule.  🙂  And last, but certainly not least, I found a local event called Lure Coursing.  She is, after all, a sight hound.  Sight hounds track through sight rather than using scent.  She, literally….. and don’t laugh…. .chases around a white plastic bag.  I said don’t laugh….  geez.  I went and bought a horse whip, which only set me back about $15, and I put a white plastic shopping bag on the end of it.  I whip it around in the grass and watch her chase it.  We make it a game.  She LOVES this game.

There is an actual AKC event for lure coursing.  You don’t even have to be a purebred dog to do it!  There is a similar event called CAT (coursing ability test) which is a dog doing a single run of chasing the lure and being timed.  My dog LOVES both of these, and turns out that she is very good at it.  Not to mention that a tired dog, is one that doesn’t get into mischief.


lure coursing collage
Kyah at lure coursing event, Rhodesian Ridgeback

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