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FREE ways to help animal rescues

Anyone who owns a dog has to LOVE dogs, right?  Or at least has to love their own.  But what kind of heartless person doesn’t love animals, or at least want to help animals be free from suffering?  NOT giving a lot of money to help animal rescues is a concept I haven’t learned since I foster dogs and I spend a LOT of my own money in the process, not to mention the cash and items I also donate to them… but that is my choice and I am happy to do it.  Here are some great ways to help animal rescues without spending a single dime of your own money:

  • Everyone walks their dogs, at least sometimes.  There is an app called Walk for a Dog that is FREE.  Download the app and TURN IT ON during walks.  It tracks/logs your walks and donates to the rescue or animal shelter of your choice.
  • A little known secret is on  This is the same website as but you get to choose your fundraising event from the Red Cross, to animal rescues.  There are a LOT of worthy causes, animal rescues being just one of the many.  Your items cost the same, but 1.5% of your purchases go to your chosen charity.
  • is another good one.  You download the website and it tags anytime you are shopping online with a participating retailer.  It will tell you the amount of your purchase that will go to your chosen charity, but you have to go through to get the funds.  You use the same log in for the website as you normally would, and just one click of a button will switch you over if you should decide to use loftii.
  • Shop at and each item purchased helps to feed a shelter dog.  There are great gift ideas for all of the dog lovers in your life, and you were going to have to buy a gift, anyway…. so why not multitask?  🙂  Another simliar website is that also has gifts for animal lovers and each gift feeds a shelter animal.

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