All about me

I am, for a lack of better words, a “closet Martha Stewart.”  I am a police Sgt by day, and a crafter by night.  I love to quilt, and started doing that while I was a Sex Crimes Detective.  It blossomed into a love of sewing, and moved on to other things.  I am a HUGE dog lover…  and I have a myriad of dogs ranging from 4 pound Yorkies to a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I also take in foster dogs, who come to me feeling scared, unloved, and unsure.  I had an allergic reaction in April 2014 that has made me re-evaluate some of the products I use at home, and this started a new side of my crafting abilities.  I now make my own home and beauty products, and collars, leashes, dog blankets, etc for my beloved fur babies.

As my abilities blossomed, my friends all wanted in on the action.  They request my products, who tell a friend who has to have some, and then I decide to just start selling them because (contrary to popular belief) the craft supplies are NOT provided to me for free.  (Unfortunately.)  I donate some of my goods and proceeds to local animal shelters, and am always up for helping out a good cause!

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